‘Transformation Exhaustion’

Leveson LJ finds something we can all agree with.

Lord Justice Leveson has returned his review of efficiency in criminal proceedings and the first thing that strikes you is the feel of the MOJ’s dreary, dead hand on him from the outset. The MOJ asked for change ‘which can be implemented without legislation, whilst providing ‘no budget for this exercise’ and therefore the review was unable to undertake any qualitative analysis of the effects of the changes it proposes. Read the full story

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The security of your cloud data is under threat because of this Microsoft case

Major IT and Media Companies move to protect cloud data worldwide in a post-Snowden world

The story so far: 13th December 2013 US Magistrate Judge James Francis granted US authorities a warrant which authorised the search for and seizure of emails stored at premises ‘owned, maintained, controlled or operated by Microsoft’ in relation to a drugs case. Specifically, the warrant relates to emails stored by Microsoft email users on the company’s Dublin servers, currently held to be protected from such intervention under various ‘safe harbour’ treaties. Read the full story

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You cannot ignore the risks to your hosted data any longer

US District Judge Loretta Preska has told Microsoft that it must hand over customer information being stored in a data centre in Dublin to federal prosecutors. And she made it clear that her decision would stand wherever the data was stored overseas on the basis that ‘It’s a question of control, not a question of the location of the information’. In other words, customer emails and other account information held by Microsoft are business records that can be seized by the feds wherever they are. Read the full story

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“The government’s proposals for legal aid should be taken out and shot for commercial stupidity”

How we worked this out for the Law Society and Andrew Otterburn

Like you, the iLaw team has spent most of the last two months taking apart the government’s dreadful proposals for criminal legal aid. We were asked by the Law Society to assist Otterburn Consultancy in preparing their report on the price competitive tendering proposals because of our extensive experience of criminal legal aid firms. Read the full story

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“Defendants aren’t too thick to pick, contrary to the beliefs of the minister of injustice”

The Friends Meeting House in London was a heartening place to be on Wednesday, in the midst of the war that has erupted around price competitive tendering and this comment on the ‘minister of injustice’ by Sir Anthony Hooper QC was one of many well-crafted, quotable reasons as to just how wrong Grayling is with his plans and assumptions. Read the full story

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An open letter to Chris Grayling

Dear Chris,

Re: Transforming Legal Aid

I read your opening ministerial statement in this lengthy document and had a moment of early confusion. You said:

“Unfortunately, over the past decade, the system has lost much of its credibility with the public.” Read the full story

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Grand panic or total objection?

As always with these events, I arrive with my exhibitors head on and leave with my former practitioner’s one thinking long and hard on all that I have heard. Let me say from the top of this piece that I am a great believer in the UK legal profession and the work it does for its clients albeit that I am baffled by its almost wilful denial of the challenges in front of it. Someone yesterday likened it to watching a man shoot himself in both feet with one bullet.

And there are good reasons as to why the profession is in this frame of mind. Undoubtedly it is Read the full story

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“Where is the competition?”

“The question is, how will ABS impact on you as some people have some very exciting plans …. Where is the competition?”
Charles Plant, Chair of the SRA 17th October 2011

This was the thoughtful challenge set by Charles Plant near the close of his address to the Sussex Law Society conference. He mentioned two headline examples of how ABS is guiding large businesses, confirming that the Co-op will almost certainly be a certified ABS in January 2012 and that Irwin Mitchell was close to securing £50m of external investment. It would be very easy to assume that this has nothing to do with the average high street firm until these businesses open up an office next to yours.  Read the full story

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“You cannot override market forces…”

“You cannot override market forces …. We cannot secure your future for you, you must secure your own future.”
John Wotton, Law Society President, 17th October 2011

With these words, John Wotton made it very clear that the profession needs to start taking responsibility for itself in the business arena. Speaking at the Sussex Law Society Annual Conference, he said that many solicitors are very worried about the fundamental changes they are now facing and that he doesn’t have a crystal ball. “It would be wrong to say that everything will be fine”. He confirmed that Read the full story

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Have You Been to any Legal IT Shows Recently?

We haven’t, which might strike you as odd. Read the full story

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